The Mekhitarist Fathers School in Rawda continues the educational and cultural legacy and the educational activities of the 300-year-old Mekhitarist Congregation 
The Congregation continues its mission, following the path drawn by the great Armenian and its late founder Abbot Mekhitar of Sebastia. 
Abbot Mekhitar was born in Sebastia in 1676. He considered to gather students and establish a congregation in order to work collectively to increase spiritual, moral and intellectual levels of the Armenian people. 
In 1700 he put the basis of the institution he was dreaming about, which was called after his name: MEKHITARIST CONGREGATION.
The cenobites who joined the congregation, followed Abbot Mekhitar's example, trying to realize the founder's ideology and improve the general plan in a scrupulous way. That is to study and introduce the Armenian people’s historical, clerical, literary, linguistic, scientific and cultural values throughout centuries.
Along with the literary activity, the Mekhitarist fathers surrounded the Armenian communities with scholastic net, believing that the education and mind enlightenment are necessary for the new generations. Starting 1746 they had played an important role and continue to play today with a profound awareness to prepare the Christian Armenians.