High School


Learners in this cycle are discoverers and researchers, thus the different methods are offered to them to grow to their own potential, mature and excel, uncovering new horizons and passion in life. Throughout these years learners are assisted in their decision to think about majors in the universities and set action plans to reach those goals.

Teaching methods include experimentation, discovery, video simulations, dramatization, peer to peer teaching, real life scenarios, projects and presentations, flipped classrooms and a diverse range of activities that nourish the curiosity of the learner and offers different ways of learning.

The empathetic culture at the school through activities, lessons, worksheets and throughout all the subject areas, will create a safe learning atmosphere in the school. The clear policy states “No Bullying”. The teachers, administration, parents and students are responsible for the overall culture of the school and believe firmly that safe learning atmosphere is a basic right for the student and thus the maximum should be done to ensure the atmosphere is sustained.

Every trimester a new activity period is offered to the learners such as Fine Arts, Robotics, Cooking, Computer, Sewing, Carpentry, where students have chance to gain skills they may need in life later on.